Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Nutri Juice.
If you have specific questions that are not answered here, please feel free to use our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

How is Nutri Juice different from other supplements?

The basis of Nutri Juice is the highly concentrated powder of fruits, vegetables and berries. Utilizing a whole-food approach ensures that nature’s full spectrum of phytonutrients are preserved and work synergistically for optimal absorption into the blood stream. In contrast, most supplements available today are nothing more than a collection of isolated vitamins, of which most are produced synthetically. These isolated vitamins lack an abundance of natural co-factors which can only be found in nature and thereby cannot be easily absorbed by the human body.

Where are your fruits and veggies cultivated?

Most of the fruits and vegetables used in Nutri Juice are grown in the western part of the United States and South America. A few of the fruits and vegetables — especially some of the exotic varieties — are also grown in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Is Nutri Juice a natural product?

Yes, Nutri Juice is a natural supplement and free of:

• synthetic ingredients

• chemicals

• herbicides and pesticides

• artificial colors and flavors

How do you ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained?

We maintain a close relationship with our farmers and perform routine inspections during all aspects of cultivation and harvesting. This ensures that our proprietary protocols and strict quality standards are maintained throughout the process. These standards are industry leading and usually exceed the highest standards established by the USDA.

Do you exclusively use organic fruits and vegetables?

We strive to use organic produce as much as possible. Unfortunately this is not always possible. We currently use approx. 2/3 certified organic produce.

Do you add any vitamins to the fruit and vegetable powders?

Yes, due to natural variations and to ensure a certain minimum content a few natural vitamins are added. All of the added vitamins are from natural sources and come with valuable co-factors from fruits and vegetables. We add vitamin C from acerola and calcium ascorbate, beta carotene from dunaliella salina algae, vitamin E from soy or sunflower and folic acid along with other natural folates from citrus fruits.

Do comparable products also add vitamins?

Yes! Comparable products (e.g. Juice Plus) which are based on whole fruit and vegetable concentrates must also add vitamins in order to guarantee content and declare high amounts of certain vitamins on their label.

Does Nutri Juice contain lactose, fructose and gluten?

Nutri Juice is lactose free. Fructose and gluten may only be found in small traces. If you suffer from a gluten or fructose sensitivity or intolerance, in most cases you should not have an issue taking Nutri Juice. Extremely sensitive people should consult their physician before taking Nutri Juice.

How many calories does Nutri Juice contain?

The calorie content of Nutri Juice is very low and is less than 1% of the recommended daily value.

Why is Nutri Juice cheaper than other comparable products?

We often get this question and people sometimes assume that it is an inferior product. To the contrary, we only use the highest quality of organic fruits and vegetables. Comparable products often times do not use organic produce but rather fruits and vegetables cultivated with conventional methods. The #1 reason why our product is cheaper is because we utilize a very direct marketing strategy and DO NOT use high cost distribution channels like multi-level-marketing or direct selling networks. Most of our sales are generated online and when you place an order, we do not pay commissions to multiple people in multiple levels. Most of our sales are generated through online advertising channels (Google, Facebook, etc.) and through referrals by our happy customers.

Do you offer an auto-ship program?

No, when you place an order on our website, you only commit to a one time order and will only receive a one time shipment. At this point we do not offer an auto-ship program but may introduce it at a later time for the convenience of our repeat customers.